68 Quarter Units

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program is designed to continue the educational process of our students in an ever-expanding global economy.  The M.B.A. program emphasizes the identification, analysis, and solution of complex management problems within a context requiring both technical understanding and balanced decision making.  Management consists of the rational assessment of a situation and the systematic selection of goals and purposes; the systematic development of strategies to achieve these goals; the marshalling of the required resources; the rational design, organization, direction, and control of the activities required to attain the selected purposes, and finally, motivation and rewarding of people to do the work.

Managers are responsible for achieving organizational objectives by coordinating money, materials, machines, and most important of all, the efforts of people.  Managers set objectives, establish policies, plan, organize, direct, communicate, and make decisions.  Since their principal concern is solving problems, managers are continually defining problems and seeking solutions.

To be an effective manager an individual needs a broad knowledge of the practice of management, the workings of business and the economy, and the behavior of people.  Effective management requires persistence, tough-mindedness, hard work, intelligence, analytic ability, and perhaps most importantly, tolerance and good will.

The M.B.A. program provides our students with a comprehensive foundation for business decision making and prepares them to lead effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.  The M.B.A. enables graduates to manage challenges including globalization, diversity, social and ethical responsibility, and technology, and to anticipate and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.  The degree encompasses the theoretical concepts and practical applications for business practitioners.  Special emphasis is placed on the role of management in the formulation and administration of corporate policy and strategic plans.

Degree Requirements

•  Successfully complete a minimum of 68 quarter units of the following coursework with a cumulative Grade Point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale:

o  Complete 40 quarter units of required courses
o  Complete 24 quarter units of elective courses
o  Complete 4 quarter units of directed study and readings

•  Pass the Comprehensive Graduation Examination
•  Successfully complete the degree requirements within the time limit.

Time Limit

The MBA program must be completed within 3 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student. This time limit, at the option of the university, may be extended due to special extenuating circumstances.

  • Financial Risk Management

    4 quarter units/40 clock hours

    Prerequisite: BA665 or approval of instructor

    Measurement and management of foreign exchange, interest rates, equity and commodity risks.Risk assessment models, implementation strategies, risk management, and capital allocation.The theoretical basis of insurance and self-insurance mechanisms.Using derivatives for risk management